ARTKID® Jewellery is a brand born from the mind of a ridiculously Sentimental Mumma. I'm also very much into fairness, equality and being kind. So, we have decided to introduce #payitforwardshipping 

So you may ask, what's that all about? Well, quite simply No Codes required at Checkout, No Numbers, Emails to look back on (who has time for that) - just tell us what you will do that is Kind in place of paying for Shipping and post it in the Comments Section. Voila! Free Pay It Forward Shipping!

This is a little Passion Project for us, we would love to hear about how a few coins were put in the Charity Tin at the shops, or how you made a Donation at The School Canteen to cover someone's lunch who is less fortunate than you. Even how you paid for a Suspended Coffee at your Local Cafe, or even how you thought about changing the way you drive, let someone in - it won't hurt. You may even tell us that you took 15 minutes to educate yourself on an illness you know nothing about - like Epilepsy or Diabetes, perhaps spend some time thinking about what it is like caring for a small child with these illnesses. You could also learn how to support an Asthmatic by learning how to administer Ventolin, or learn how to administer an EPIPEN to someone who may be suffering from life threatening Anaphylaxis. Just do something that makes you feel kind!

Lets create a little movement of Kindness together.


*Please be advised Pay It Forward Shipping is available to Australian Residents Only. Free Pay It Forward Shipping available on Orders over $99AUD.