About Us

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Pablo Picasso 

What if we told you it was possible, what if we told you there was a way to immortalise your childs art so you could enjoy it, feel it and hold it close EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Even when your child is all grown up?

If you are anything like myself, you are a little bit sentimental about your kids art. Is it in a box or folder, is it tucked away for a rainy day that lets face it may never really come around. Is the box treasured but at the same time does it get stumbled upon when you have a clean out? The reminiscing is lovely but then the lid goes on and away it goes again until next time you clean out the wardrobe. I will do something with them one day. Sound familiar?

So, one day after lots and lots and lots of days, great days, poo explosion days, fun days/not so fun baby teething days, park days, hard days, bubbacino days, cuddly days, exhausting days, some baby covered vomit types of days and some crazy fun at Playgroup kinda days, well probably a mix of all these days totalling about 2,555 of them well this Stay At Home Mum had an idea!

With a background in Jewellery Design that spans over 2 decades, I didn't want to copy or imitate an already existing idea. There are already some amazing personalised Jewellery Brands on the market and I do not create to imitate. Its original or its nothing to me. I wanted to create an exclusive, original design that celebrated childrens art in a quality fine jewellery type setting. 

Ive always loved coins set in pendants and utilised that idea to feature original kids art. The Pendant Frame was designed to be an eye catching conversation starter that enhances to showcase an incredibly sentimental piece of childrens art.

My two eldest boys love to draw. My kids all look so much like their Dad, so I decided to claim their artistic ability and all 3 of them have become my "why". Why am I in business, I am inspired by them. I want to reinvent Jewellery Design and push this idea. So much more is in the pipeline.....

So, hope you enjoy these original works as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

At ARTKID® "We turn little masterpieces into cherished family heirlooms."

Love Kylie X

Creative Director - ARTKID®Jewellery