Well, finally here we are December 27th 2017, finally after all the inspiration, manufacturing, administration and everything else that goes into launching a brand, I finally found the big girl brave pants to match!

I birth this Kid, my ARTKID™ after a recipe of hardwork, excitement, worry, sometimes a pinch of procrastination but loads of love and pride, we launch!

ARTKID™ launches with a range of Frame Pendants, what we believe are a modern classic way to frame your child's precious art. We launch with a single range, with more classic and original designs to come.

Inspired by a beautiful, hardworking Mum who left us to go to Heaven, I knew I needed to launch ARTKID™ as Id hoped to in 2017, but now I launch although in sadness, I also am greatly inspired by a beautiful life lived. Rest In Peace beautiful friend.

So thank you to my family, friends and followers who have gotten behind these beautiful frames. Your support and encouragement has meant so much to me.

So here we go, "Im just a Mum, standing in front of the world, making beautiful pieces that celebrate children's Art"

Thank you and Kindest Regards

Kylie X